Diamond Rings & Jewellery

Below we have some of our portfolio of diamond rings and jewellery which we are able to make in your desired precious metal of 9ct, 18ct, platinum or palladium. We are also able to make the jewellery in different diamond carat sizes from 0.25ct to 3ct. The flexibility we offer in terms of the diamond size and quality with the choice of different precious metals enables us to make a bespoke diamond piece that meets your budget and requirements.  We at Karwals appreciate that everyone is unique and we, therefore, aim to work with you to produce jewellery which is best suited to what you require. We are in constant communication with you throughout the process and our experienced staff members are constantly on hand to answer any queries you may have with an average turnaround of 3-4 weeks from the order being placed (unless we have the item already in the showroom). You are welcome to visit us and view our portfolio at our showroom or contact us to discuss further.

Flow Rings Collection

Four & Two Stone collection


Single Stone  and shoulder set collection

Solitaire and Shoulder 2

Trilogy Collection