How long for payment?
Once a deal is agreed, payment is made within 24 hours via PayPal or bank wire transfer. Face to face deal is paid immediately.

Do you buy gold based on the current market value?

Yes, Gold, Platinum, palladium and silver are purchased based on the gram spot rate of that day. Karwals use the live spot values when making an offer and this ensures we offer the best price possible.

Do you purchase the gold that the diamond is set in?
Yes, we would take into account the value of the gold and add that to the amount offered.

Can you assess my diamond if I don’t know what it is?
Yes, we can assess your diamond at our showroom free of charge and make an offer for purchase.

Do I need box and papers to sell my watch?

No, we will still make an offer without box or papers.

Would you purchase my watch if it’s not working?

Yes, we will still make an offer but will take into account the extra cost to mend the watch.

What diamonds do you buy?
We buy any diamonds certified or non-certified. We would also make an offer on chipped, scratched and low-grade diamonds.

Do you remove the diamond from the ring?
In all occasions, we will assess the diamond within its setting. However, in certain circumstances, we may be required to remove the diamond out of its setting to fully evaluate.

Please note that we will only remove the diamond after obtaining your consent.

Would you travel and collect?
Yes, this service is available but it’s subject to distance and agreement on price. We have to take into account security of our staff when offering this service.  Please contact us with what you have and we can discuss further 01865 245 655.

How safe is it?
We at Karwals understand client’s concerns of sending sentimental and valuable goods via postage.  Therefore we use the best service that royal mail can offer. Our free Royal Mail special delivery pack ensures the package is fully tracked and insured. If the goods are of a high value above £2,500 then alternative arrangements will be made, please call us to discuss. Transactions on higher value goods will only be carried out in our showroom in the heart of Oxford.

What qualifications and experience do you have?

Our staff have completed following courses:

The Diamond Grading and identification: This course was studied with The Gemmological Association of Great Britain. This is an intensive practical course which is hands-on and gives an in-depth understanding of diamond grading using 10x lens.

Jewellery Customer Experience and Sales: This course was studied with one of the leading Retail sector Trainer Virada www.virada.co.uk.

Diamond Certification & Valuation: This course was studied with the leading Indian Diamond Gemological Institution. It involved all aspects of grading and valuing diamonds to an expert level.

Plus we have over 20 years of jewellery and diamond experience.

Who are Karwals?
We are a family run jewellers based in Oxford and have been in the business since 1987. We have great expertise in the jewellery and diamond market. Our main service is cash for diamonds where we buy from the public at competitive prices.