Expert Knowledge

Karwals have been in the jewellery & diamond business for over 20 years. Our Staff not only have the experience but have also studied to obtain further knowledge in the key aspects of the industry. This coupled with our daily interaction with clients has increased our expertise and ability to assess diamond jewellery, precious metals and watches.

Courses Covered

The Diamond Grading and Identification: This course was studied with The Gemmological Association of Great Britain. This is an intensive practical course which is hands-on and gives an in-depth understanding of diamond grading using 10x lens. The course placed a great emphasis on:

  • Clarity grading using a 10x loupe
  • Colour grading by eye
  • Grading and weight estimation of mounted stones
  • Aspects of cut including symmetry and proportions
  • Simulants and treatments
  • Description of rough crystals

Jewellery Customer Experience and Sales: This course was studied with one of the leading Retail Sector Trainer Virada The course covers all main aspects of giving a world class customer experience to all our clients.

Watch Experience

Our staff has worked with the leading watch brands for many years. With the experience of buying and selling high-end watches, we have a great understanding of different watch models and market trends. Karwals have a great network of contacts within the industry which enables us to value your watch quickly and offer competitive prices.