Our Offer

Our offer takes into account many different aspects, some of which have been outlined below to give you a better understanding of how we assess your valuables.

Diamond Valuation Process

  1. Diamond Examination: Our highly trained team will carry out a detailed appraisal of your diamond. Factors considered are Colour, Clarity, Cut, Carat (weight), shape, fluorescence and general condition of the diamond. Our team would also take into account any diamond jewellery appraisal or diamond certification provided.
  2. Precious metal: If the diamond is set in jewellery we would weigh the item and add the value of the precious metal to our final offer.
  3. Market Conditions: We buy and sell diamonds on a daily basis which provides us with great knowledge of the current diamond trade market. This gives us great confidence in offering you the highest price possible based on the market conditions.
  4. Our offer.Once we have taken into account the diamond, gold and market conditions we would make our offer.

Precious Metal Valuation Process

All prices offered are based on the live market spot rate of Gold, platinum, palladium and silver. This ensures we offer the most up to date and competitive prices on the Market. All prices offered are based on the weight of your valuables.

Watch Valuation Process

  1. Internal Watch Examination: Watch specialist will check if the watch is in working order
  2. External Watch Examination: We will check for scratches, dents and any wear and tear that needs repairing or replacing.
  3. Market Conditions: We check the market to see how much your watch model is selling on the second-hand market.
  4. Our Offer: once we take into account any repair work and second-hand market values we would make our offer

Antique & Vintage Valuation Process

When offering on antique or vintage pieces we have to take into the condition of the item and the resale market. If the valuable has a good resale value and is in good condition we will make an offer based on past history of a similar item. Please note Karwals will not offer on every item offered to us and sometimes we may offer just based on the raw materials if the condition is poor or market resale value is weak.