Karwals offer an extensive range of repair services for both jewellery and watches, from resizing rings to full restoration work on your jewellery as well as providing all types of watch repairs. Rest assured your jewellery is in safe hands whilst in our possession.

Jewellery & Watch Repairs

– Ring Sizing: Resize rings up or down by 5 sizes.
– Claw Work: Re-tip warn out claws.
– Ring Shanks: Rebuild or change for new.
– Diamond Certification: Report includes diamond Clarity, Colour, Weight, Symmetry, Fluorescence and facet diagram.
– Hallmark: We can Hallmark any type of jewellery based on statutory requirements.
– Laser Inscription: Virtually invisible to the naked eye, the laser inscription can be your own secret message marked on the stone for eternity or can simply be a unique security number that will identify the diamond in case of loss.
– Ring Remounts: Warn Rings that cannot be repaired will require a remount.  Stones will be taken out of the original and reset in a new ring mount that best matches the original.
– Bespoke Design Service: We can design any jewellery from a picture or we can create a Replica wax of your jewellery to produce matching pieces.
– Chain & Bracelet Repairs: Solder breaks, lengthen chains, and solder new clasps.
– Charms: solder onto bracelets and chains.
– Restoration Work: We can restore most jewellery and watches back to their original state or as close as possible depending on specific circumstances.
– Finish: Matt, Satin, Gold Plating, Rhodium plating, existing patterns matched.
– Pearl Knotted Stringing: This is where a knot is tied between each pearl. The threads used are normally Cotton, Silk or Nylon, the strongest being Nylon. Silk and Cotton tend to stretch.
–Plain Stringing: This is where pearls are strung on to a thread in succession with knots only at either end. The ends are finished off with a finely coiled wire that forms a flexible tube like a spring. This is threaded over the cord to cover the exposed ends and is known as a gimp.
– Hand Engraving: Can be used on most surfaces with the exception of steel, glass and stone. Designs such as company logos, inscriptions and motifs such as animals, family crests and signatures can all be matched and engraved. Text can be engraved in any font.
– Machine Engraving: Can be used on more surfaces including glass and steel. This is the most common form of engraving but it has its limitations as it is restricted to script and block fonts on a single or double line. This is adequate for most standard jewellery e.g. Signet Rings, I.D. Bracelets, Tankards, Lockets etc.
–Watch Repairs: Battery and reseal, Servicing, Crown replacement, Glass replacement, Straps.